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The Assassin’s Letter: To the Ex-Vice President Sir: Were there other circumstances for this accession to your new position, congratulations would certainly be in order. But that would imply that you did something, some accomplishment, to earn this result. However, that is not the case, because I accomplished it for you. Chickadee: The chickadee is cracking a seed. The energy to open the seed uses up the energy of the last seed he opened. Davie is watching in the late fall at a feeder. The birds flutter back, even after the feeder has been empty for a week. How do they know? They are like the homeless, making the rounds of places they have worked before. Why don’t the birds go away in the winter, why do the homeless hang around to live on grates and handouts? Why is Davie Bordman still here, why doesn’t he go away, and isn’t he like the chickadee using the earnings of today to just make it through tomorrow?
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