Tracking Shadows Synopsis Harry Webb’s father committed suicide in Harry’s first year in college. No note, nothing from his mother as to why, and a sudden estrangement from his younger sister, Denise. Harry meets Roberta Andrea Yancy, or Ray, as she tells him, at a motorcycle hill climb in Western Massachusetts. Harry is smitten but it looks to him that she is not available. Then, out of the blue, Ray turns up in his life in the most unexpected way and just as unexpectedly, disappears. Harry has only thin information about Ray; where she lives, where she works, and little more about her parents. He is determined to track her down, but step by step he discovers that everything she has told him is a lie and a dead end. It is Harry’s sister, Denise, who gives him a clue to the real Ray. Then he figures out that it is the motorcycle event where he first met Ray that offers the possibility of finding her. It works and Harry is able to finally confront her, only to discover that he has all along been tracking the shadow of himself.
Tracking Shadows by Leo Cohen
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