Letter From A Fictitious Person Synopsis Charlie Kenway and Frank Duckworth spent their first two years together in the same baby sitter's crib in a 1960's Albuquerque, New Mexico trailer park. Their growing up was at first next door to each other, and then in the same trailer after Charlie's mother had abandoned him and Frank's parents, Henry and Martina, adopted Charley "off the books". Although not brothers in blood, it was the only connection they were missing. Then fate in the form of bad luck deprives them of their father, and not much later, their mother, spinning their lives off in completely opposite directions. Charlie Kenway ends up anonymous on America's streets, hiding from a multi million dollar revenge gone bad and an accident that might have been murder. Frank Duckworth graduates from college, marries Johanna Goodner, runaway daughter of evangelical parents, and has a new job in Chicago with a City sponsored criminal justice study group. But Johanna dies during the birth of their first child, the consequence of medical incompetence. Then Frank discovers that it looks like he will have less than a year as a father. Johanna was completely estranged from her parents and would never allow her mother and father responsibility for her child. So Frank must find a suitable parental home for his newborn. What now? The idea of his daughter as an orphan, dependent on the largess of faceless organizations and their administrators is completely unacceptable. It means that Frank desperately needs to find Charlie Kenway. But Charlie is a fugitive needle in a national haystack and time is running out for both of them. Problem one for Frank is finding Charlie. Problem two, if Charlie can be found, how to hide him in plain sight.
In Progress! by Leo Cohen
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Murmurs  in a  Darkened  Room Letter From a Fictitious Person by Leo Cohen
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